Change the Master User Password

There should only be one 'Master User' account.

Per PCI requirements, this password for this account must be changed at the initial installation of Theatre Manager by the venue so that it is something unique to the venue.

No user of Theatre Manager is required to have these privileges in order to use the system - except to create another user account. If any user is set as a Master User for the duration of the installation process, those privileges should be revoked per PCI compliance.

  • Find any user with Master User access using Setup->Employees and Access->Employee List
  • Click on the 'Access' tab
  • Make sure that the 'Logon Level' is 'Master User' for only one administrative account. Change all others to normal users.
  • Click 'Set Password' and give this special user a unique password. You will be asked to confirm the current password before you are allowed to change the password.
  • You may want to log out of theatre manager and then log back in as the special 'Master User' account before continuing - just to make sure you have the user id and password set.
  • This is one user id and password combination that you do wish to record on a paper and put in a sealed envelope in your safe with instructions to open under emergency only.