Step 1: Install PostgreSQL database server

When you run the installer for the database components, it will put the actual installer files into the Macintosh HD/Users/Shared directory along with all the support files needed for the rest of the steps.

The actual Postgres install process is part of the install process. If you cancel the setup of Postgres, you can always start it again by repeating the process from the start.

Installing PostgreSQL on a Macintosh

Before starting the install, please check that the computer date and timezone settings are correct. Failure to do so may cause Postgres to think it is in a different timezone.
In recent versions of OSX, you may need to make a temporary change in System Preferences after downloading the installer and before the installer will work. This is because the installer is not digitally signed with Apple.
  • Double click on the file that you downloaded. It will unzip and create a TMPostgresSetup.pkg file.
  • Double click on the TMPostgresSetup.pkg
  • You will see the introductory 'Splash' screen
  • Click Continue on the splash screen.
2. Click Continue on the Licence Agreement screen after reading it.

3. Click Install to begin the actual install.

4. You will need to enter an administrator user ID and password to continue

5. You will see the installation progress as the Postgres database engine is installed

5. When the isntaller is finished successfully, click the Close button