Editing an Existing Course

You may want to edit a Course or the classes within a Course.

Most of the information you will want to access can be found under the Performance Tab for the Course in the Plays and Dates (or Events) Window.

  1. To start, go to Setup > Plays or click the Plays button in the Theatre Manager toolbar.
  2. In the Plays List, look up your Course and select it from the list.

    For information about how to use the Plays List lookup, click here.

  3. Select the Performance Tab of your Course Window.

    Here, you can set the Sales Outlets for the Course by highlighting it in the list and checking the appropriate boxes at the top of the window.

    After setting Price Codes and Promotions, you can check the Via the Internet button to sell the course online.

    If necessary, you can also change Security Settings.

  4. Select the Course from the Performance list and click the Edit button to open the Performance Detail Window.
  5. For informationon the Tabs in the courses window, Click here.