Theatre Manager 8.09.10 released

This is release is recommended for all venues to install as it addresses somewhat rare conditions in a number of areas: Specific fixes are:
  • Fix two issues that were causing EOD imbalance. First was that fees could be added to an order where the GL# was still zero. This could happen if the venur was using a database built from the empty database. Solution: don't show fees on the window if there is no G/L code
  • Second issue is that if those fees got in a transaction, they would leave the EOD out of balance. The posting routines were changed to allow a zero GL account and create the description. This operates more like verison 6 and causes documentation of the error. It could catch other possible similar EOD issues from tickets, etc.
  • Split the fee postings in to fee sales and fee refunds so it is easier to balance to transactions.
  • Optimize the G/L transaction debug rpeort to only look at valid transactions. It now counts POT,POF,PTT,PTF in the transaction counts so that we can match to the GL journal entry... which now counts all tranasctions attached to it. Doing an order transfer meant that the POT would get the same deposit number as the original payment... and thats ok.. it just needed to be counted in the report.
  • Allow duplicating of events and at the same time, create price codes, promotion settings and other parameters that are the same as the original event.
  • When building a performance, and add some special error checking to prevent some not-so-right situations when duplicating courses
  • Fixed an important issue where reserving a ticket was placing a lock on a ticket. If the user continued and added the ticket to the order, then all was ok. However, if the user released all tickets in a current cart, it could leave some advisory locks in place on the ticket - that would only be released when the employee quit TM. Some venues were getting messages that tickets could not be booked when the tickets were available
  • The check ticket-transaction report performance has been vastly improved
  • The 'current' column in the 30/60/90 dat A/R report now calculates correctly. Previously, anything in the current column was being placed in the 90+ column incorrectly.
  • Added a number of checks on parameters for the web sales module to further limit possibility of cross-site script injection.
  • Fix error where patrons to whom you own money now show up in blue on any list. Previously, they also showed up in red
  • Fix a small issue in the event window so that it shows up the cash flow and transaction totals properly in the G/L tab when only comps have been sold to an event.
  • Enhance the security setting for the sell process so that there are separate settings for patron information and order information. Previously, TM assumed you needed to be able to edit patrons in order to sell. This is no longer the case