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Patron Management - Donation Tab

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Donation Tab

This tab is used to purchase and view all donations belonging to a patron. For more information on donations click here.

Parts of the Donation tab

Order The unique number generated for this transaction.
Program Year The year the donation is to be recognized.
Use The purpose of the donation.
Campaign The campaign the donation is assigned to.
Fiscal Year The fiscal year the donation was made in.
Donation Date Date the donation was made.
Pledge Amount Amount pledged to be paid by the patron.
Actual The amount received for the donation.
Enters a new donation for the patrons record. Click here to learn more about adding new donations.
Opens the detail window for a selected donation. Click here to learn more about donation details.
Deletes a selected donation. Click here for more information on deleting donations.
Accesses the payment for the selected donation.
Prints a detail of the donation to the screen or the employees selected print option.
Allows for searching the donation history that is displayed. Change the search option by using the drop-down menu and enter the search criteria that is to be used. Press the Search button to execute the search.